Our Story

Our Story

The passion to play our part as good corporate citizens led to the establishment of RHT Rajan Menon Foundation (“Foundation”), a registered charity and grant-making philanthropic organisation in Singapore.

Named after RHTLaw Asia’s Founder-Senior Consultant Rajan Menon, the Foundation was set up in 2015 and acts as a corporate foundation of RHTLaw Asia and the RHT Group Of Companies, collectively known as the Group, to carry out our charitable endeavours.

Our Vision

To establish, inspire and encourage a philanthropic culture among the corporate and legal fraternity of giving back to the community.

To socialise and actualise such philanthropic culture into meaningful programmes where donors and stakeholders can participate and contribute to directly.

Our Mission

To provide a framework, platform and channel for corporate social responsibility and pro-bono initiatives.

Our Objectives


To provide a structure for and consolidate the efforts of the general charitable giving activities to be carried out by the Foundation (whether alone or jointly with other charities, corporations, firms or entities)


To provide a vehicle for the provision of professional philanthropy-related services to clients


To formalize and systematize the recognition and calibration of pro bono activities